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ClubK2 Bike Combo Camps

We are excited to announce our newly designed Club Combo Camp, the ClubK2 Bike Combo Camp (18 sessions all summer long, 2 times per week, or 9 sessions once per week). Featuring all-day travel bike trips, more bike time for advanced skill progressions and freeride adventure, without sacrificing our popular paddlesport programs on the lake. This camp is designed for the keen or rising bike star!

Heavily influenced and designed by PMBI teaching philosophy and skill development techniques, our PMBI-certified bike coaches will enhance campers' skills and riding confidence to the next level, reaching SINGLE TRACK MASTERY in a fun, safe, free-riding learning environment.

The majority of afternoons feature our extensive PADDLESPORT sessions on SUPs, canoes and flat-water kayaks with our RCABC and ACA-certified paddlesport coaches... ensuring campers great days on the lakes mastering core balance and essential paddle skills.

BIKES and BOATS all summer long...... what an awesome COMBO!!


Club Combo Camps run all summer long, from July 2nd to August 30th.....9am to 3pm daily.

Club Combo Camp A18 sessions - Monday and Wednesday of every week. Starting July 2nd.
Club Combo Camp B18 sessions - Tuesday and Thursday of every week. Starting July 3rd.
Cost: $1170 + GST for 18 sessions.

Single day ClubK2 Combo Camps also available

Monday - Thursday9 sessions - one day per week.
Cost: $675 + GST for 9 sessions.